999 B.C.

999 B.C- “A New Ancient Musical” has book and lyrics by Bob Larimer and music from jazz instrumentals of the ‘40’s. A preview of the show was presented at the York Theatre in New York on August 3rd and 4th with a cast of ten. It was directed by Reagan Fletcher with musical direction by Randy Redd.

Synopsis: This jazz musical is a humorous take on the biblical tale of Jonah and the whale. As the bible tells it, God commanded Jonah to Nineveh “for its wickedness hath come before me.” But Jonah displeased the Almighty, who ordered a great whale to swallow him. In 999 B.C. we learn that Jonah disobeyed God because he was pursuing the Jewish princess of his dreams. Other characters include a truculent queen, a hen-pecked king, a seductive prophetess, a conniving Philistine, and a eunuch who sings the blues.

Demo recordings of eight songs from 999 B.C. are available below.