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Hugo the Hippo

White Water - Zing Zong

Burl Ives - You Said a Mouthful

Jimmy Osmond & chorus - Wherever You Go, Hugo

Marie Osmond - This Friendship is Really True (Reprise)

Burl Ives - The Best Day I Ever Made

Marie Osmond - Somewhere You Call Home

KenWilliams Quartet - Sing Song, Pass It Along

Jimmy Osmond - Mister M' Bow- Wow

Marie Osmond - It's Really True

Marie Osmond - I Always Wanted To Have A Garden

Jimmy Osmond - H-I-P-P-O-P-O-T-A-M-U-S

King of the Whole Damn World


Hannah Klien - Who's Perfect?

Hannah - Who's Perfect For You?

Neighborhood Kids - What To Do?

Company - Poor Little Boy

Willie - March You Off In Style

Hippo, The Cop - Little Dog Blue

Romani and Company - King of the Whole Damn World

Neighborhood Kids - King Of The Whole Damn World

Hippo and Sarge - I Cry Sometimes

Romani - How Did I Ever Grow Up

Romani, the barber - Grasshopper Song

Sarge and Hippo - Don't Tear Up The Horse SLIPS

Jerry Orbach - King Of The Whole Damn World

The Honeydreamers - Who's Perfect For You?

Honeydreamers - King Of The Whole Damn World

Jack & Jill

Jill's Mother - You Can't Be A Little Bit Black

Jack, Jill's Mother and Father - Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Jack and Jill - Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda (Quartet)

Jack's Mother and Father - Where Did I Go Wrong?

Jill and Jill's Mother - Waltzing Me Around

Jack - The First Time I Heard Ellington

Jill - The First Time I Heard Ella

Ernie, Jack, and Jill - On Your Own

Jack and Jill - J-A-Z-Z

Jack and Jill - J-A-Z-Z

Jack's Father and Jill's Father - In Between Gigs

Jack - I Can't Be A Little Bit In Love

Ernie, Jill's Mother and Father - Black and White People

Jack's Mother, Jill's Father - After All

Ernie, Jack, and Jill - Finale

Jeannie Bryson - Woulda Coulda Shoulda (reprise)

Jeannie Bryson - The First Time I Heard Ella

Jeannie Bryson - J-A-Z-Z

Other Songs

Newark's Boy Choir - The World Goes Rolling On

Marlene Dietrich - The World Goes Rolling On

Kenny Williams - You're Fabulous, Babe

Kenny Williams - Those Girls

Kenny Williams - Farrah

Lisa Roberts - For The Love of Life

Demo Recording - Christiams In New York

Demo Recording- My Baby's Coming Home Tonight

Blue Roads

Blue Roads

Short Order Love

Is that All There Is to It?

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Family Man

I'm Outta Here

American Express

To Make A Long Story Short

I'm In Country Country Again

The Poker Game

But Never Jam Today

Alice and Chorus - Curioser and Curioser

The White Queen - Tell Some Pretty Lies To Me

Persona Non Grata - Long Live The Queen

The Duchess and Cooks - A Real-Life Lullabye

The Chesire Cat - The More I See People

The Mad Hatter - They All Call The Hatter Mad

Alice - My Little Room

Persona Non Grata - Riding For A Fall

The White Queen - But Never Jam Today

Tweedledum and Tweedledee - All The Same To Me

Three Spade Cards - God Could Give Me Anything

Alice - I Like To Win

Persona Non Grata - My Little Room(reprise)

The Mock Turtle and Chorus - Jumping From Rock to Rock

Alice and Company - Long Live the Queen